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This disclaimer is meant to inform you about how CasinoGames.fun works, what is important to think about/remember while using the website and liability aspects. It is important to always read this disclaimer thoroughly. This way, you know what to expect of us and of the way we work.

1. In general

  • CasinoGames.fun does not offer casino games for you to play.
  • All the textual content on this website is written by (employees of) CasinoGames.fun. It is never allowed to copy textual content or codes from this website. In such cases, you will be held liable on the basis of the Dutch Copyright Act.
  • Although we take great care in selecting reliable and good casinos for the CasinoGames.fun website, playing at the online casinos is always at your own risk. CasinoGames.fun is in no way responsible for playing or depositing money at any of the online casinos offered. Read more about the reliability of casinos under article 2 of this disclaimer.
  • The information about casino games and the strategies that can be found at CasinoGames.fun, may and should only be used for recreational purposes.

2. Reliability of casinos

  • At CasinoGames.fun you will only find casinos that in our opinion qualify as a safe and reliable casino. This means that the casino has a good international reputation, is in any way licensed at the highest level possible, and that it complies with all applicable regulations. It is equally important that the casino checks for age (18+), that the casino software is fair and that the casino actively fights against gambling addiction.
  • CasinoGames.fun never encourages gambling. CasinoGames.fun thinks a responsible way of playing casino games is of great importance. CasinoGames.fun gives advise on how to gamble responsibly. But above all, CasinoGame.fun tries to make a selection of reliable (online) casinos for you. In the following provisions, a number of criteria on which CasinoGames.fun selects reliable casinos are given.
  • Responsible Gambling: CasinoGames.fun attaches great importance to the way in which (online) casinos combat gambling addiction. Various issues are taken into account. Are deposit limits possible? Is Self Exclusion an option? Is the casino in question adequately informing about gambling addiction and the possible consequences thereof?
  • Customer Service: CasinoGames.fun also assesses the (online) casinos based on quality of customer service. Do the casinos respond quickly? Is there helpful customer service? How do previous players rate the customer service available?
  • Clarity: CasinoGames.fun finds it important that (online) casinos are well-arranged and transparent. For example: think of clear and transparent bonus conditions. More info

3. Game strategies

  • CasinoGames.fun offers tips on possible strategies in addition to an overview of games and casinos.
  • It has never been proven that the strategies will (always) bring you more profit. The casino always has an advantage with every (casino/gambling) game you play.
  • You cannot claim the efficacy of strategies described by CasinoGames.fun. Read more about this in article 6.1.

4. Applicable legislation with regard to (online) casinos

  • CasinoGames.fun always takes the applicable legislation into account. We advise you as a player to also take this into account.
  • Not all countries grant licenses to (online) casinos. It may therefore be that an online casino has a license in one country, and not in the other. In India, for example, casinos are only allowed in a limited number of states. CasinoGames.fun cannot take into account in which country or state a player is based. Furthermore, it can happen that one casino does have a license in a certain country; and the other (online) casino does not in that same country. In these cases, the player’s own responsibility explicitly rests. As a player, you are responsible for making this assessment. We advise you to consult government websites of the gaming authority in the country or state where you are located.

5. Player’s own responsibility

  • When you choose to play one of the games discussed on the CasinoGames.fun website, you are responsible for the way you play the (casino)game. Loss or addiction is a risk that you should take into account, given the nature of casino games. We will inform you of these risks (see our Responsible Gambling page) and also point out that all responsibility lies with you at all times. 

6. Liability

  • CasinoGames.fun cannot be held liable for strategies that are displayed on the Casino website, which have been found not to be profitable. The strategies are explicitly not proven to be effective and only intended to increase game enjoyment.
  • CasinoGames.fun cannot be held liable for any loss incurred by playing casino games or any gambling addiction. See article 5.1 about the player’s own responsibility.

7. Complaints

  • If you have complaints about the methods of (online) casinos, we always advise you to contact the customer service of this (online) casino directly.
  • If you have complaints about the content/game strategies of CasinoGames.fun, you can always contact us. We take your complaints very seriously.
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